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Non-Refundable Deposits

To reserve your appointment, a non-refundable deposit is required. The deposit may be utilized for one rescheduling request, provided that it is made at least 48 hours prior to the photoshoot.


A late arrival is entirely understandable. However, do not expect lost time to be made up. In the event of my tardiness, I will prioritize making up lost time. If an extension would not work for you, a reschedule/refund will be permitted.

"Shooting Time"

Includes all but transport time.

Photo Count

I will not guarantee any amount of final edited photos. I'm very selective about which photos qualify for a final round of edits. Therefore, I can only guarantee high-quality photos. You will not be disappointed.

Exporting Photos

Outside of the mini sessions, I will provide a google drive folder for the edited photos. This ensures your photos are easily accessible without diminishing quality.


Cancellations are permitted at least 48 hours ahead of a photoshoot. 


No refunds. In the event of file corruption, depending on how many photos remain, are full refund or partial refund is guaranteed. This will be assessed between both parties.

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